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PASSIVATION OF CORROSION-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEELS - In addition to nondestructive testing and inspection, HSI provides Stainless Steel Passivation services; a post-fabrication cleaning and corrosion-resistance enhancement process.  Passivation cleans metallic and inorganic contaminants from stainless steel surfaces, thereby facilitating the formation of a thin, transparent oxide layer that protects the stainless steel from selective oxidation (corrosion).


Passivation of 416 Stainless Steel.  H&S Inspection Service has developed several special techniques, in cooperation with many prime contractors, to passivate 416 Stainless more reliably than ever.  If you are working with 416 or any of its equivalents you know that chemical processing can be unpredictable at best.  HSI's special 416 stainless passivation treatment has been extremely effective on free machining materials with added sulfur.  For more information about safely, reliably passivating 416 stainless, contact us today.

Prime contractor served: AAR Cargo Systems, Airbus, Argotech, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Curtiss Wright Flight Systems, Department of Defense, Eaton Vickers Aerospace, FAA, Frisby Aerospace, GE Aviation, General Dynamics, Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell, Kaman Aerospace, Lycoming, MD Helicopters, Moog, Northrop Grumman, Parker Hannifin, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Rolls- Royce, Schweizer Aircraft, Sikorsky, Teledyne Continental, Textron, Truimph Group, United Technologies, Williams International.

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